the myth of the tides

Since the beginning of time, the sea loved the moon. But the moon knew not the beauty of the sea. All the moon’s thought was for the sun.  She had never seen the sun’s full glory, but every night, she reflected his beauty. And it was just enough to make her desperately hungry to see his full light. 

All this the sea saw. 

The sea knew how beautiful the sun was, and no one could deny the sun’s radiance. Yet, he wondered, “Have I not beauty also? The sun has glory in his light, but I have the cry of seagulls, the wet wind, the tumbling waves,  the tingling mist, the sharp and salty air, the oyster’s pearls, waters the color of dreams, and great and wonderful creatures within me. Perhaps…perhaps she might love me, if she only knew. ”

He vowed to follow the moon wherever she went, in a hope that she would someday look down and see him and find something to love in his depths. 

 But though he followed her, her gaze never shifted from the crest of the earth’s tilt, where the sun’s rays glanced. 

So to this day, the moon dwells in the sun’s pale shadow, and the sea follows her path in the tides. 

16 thoughts on “the myth of the tides

  1. Oh wow… you left me breathless, Emma. Beautiful job with everything – word choice was on point and created such a wistful, yearning mood ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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