the final decision (aka chaos and nosiness)


After investigating the comment section and making careful calculations, Eve and I found that you all were most interested in a series of collaborations with other bloggers and a Q&A post where I answer your questions.

So basically what will be happening: #1. chaos will ensue as all of we creative people try to find a way to work together to create something epic, and #2. you all will get a chance to be nosy.

For the Q&A, each person can ask up to three questions. Please drop your bombs in the comment section below. After a period of 24-48 hours, or after the smoke has cleared, I will emerge from my blanket burrito and venture into the unknown.

PLEASE NOTE: If I find a question to be too personal, I may choose not to answer it.

However, if a question is embarrassing, that does not necessarily mean I won’t answer it. I am Embarrassing™. :))

Examples of good questions: “Do you talk to yourself?” “Do you have unusually large feet?” “Do you believe that cats secretly run the world?” “What is your political stance on polka dots?” “Do you sleep with stuffed animals?”

Examples of bad questions: “What is your credit card number?” “Can I have your complete medical history?” “Why are you a jerk?”