There are approximately seven billion people on earth, and each person is hurting and in need of healing.

We aspire to reflect the sense of  joy and hope that God gives us, through His grace, in our doodles and poetry, spreading God’s healing shalom until we can see seven billion smiles.

about the authors

Emma Starr is a notorious bookaholic, a contrary realistic-idealist, and a lover of both the silly and the significant. Through God’s grace, she strives to live intentionally by pursuing her Savior’s shalom in every part of her life and bringing blessing to the lives of others.

If you take a peek into her homelife, you might find her singing around the house, teaching and practicing piano, doing homework, procrastibaking, doodling, collecting books for her future book vault, reading an L. M. Montgomery novel in a corner, playing geeky board games with family and friends, and scribbling and editing poetry.

Things that make her happy include fireflies, cookie dough, good conversation, stargazing, sunflowers, and smiles.

🌻Eve has always been artistic. Even when she was a baby, when she made a mess, it was an artistic mess. Now that she can call her messes art, 11-year-old Eve spends her days crafting, felting, and doodling. Her other serious hobbies include collecting and researching seashells, reading bunches of books, and playing flute.

🌻Eden is an 8-year-old artist and writer who enjoys playing outside, making art projects with her sisters, singing in choir, writing stories, and playing her violin.